The Complications of Product Liability

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The Complications of Product Liability

Designers, manufacturers, sellers, and other players in trade have the legal and moral responsibility of ensuring the safety of their products and services. If these products and services cause injury to another person, they may be held accountable. This is a legal concept called product liability.

One of its many complicated examples involve failing shoulder replacements. These implants are distributed to the marketplace to target those who have limited shoulder functions. But instead of being a corrective and rehabilitative device, it has become a burden to some customers.

A defective replacement shoulder has been known to cause metal toxicity issues in the body, bone and tissue damage, and other complications and injuries. This can be a product liability claim where the manufacturer can be held accountable.

Aside from manufacturer defects, there are two more product liability claims that seem to be common – design defects and failure to add instructions and warnings labels.

Design defects refer to flaws that are related to the design of the product itself, like when the design of a car makes it much easier to roll around or turn over.

Failure to add instructions and warnings labels can also be considered a defect. Having labels is even more important if the product can be dangerous in the subtlest of ways. For example, if a medication can have negative interactions with other drugs but it has not been labelled so, the owner of this product may be held accountable if someone has sustained a medical complication because of the lack of warnings regarding interactions with other drugs.

According to the website of the Goings Law Firm, LLC, those who have been injured because of defective products may get compensation from the responsible party, such as their manufacturer. This is nothing but just, because as a consumer, you deserve to be protected against dangerous products in the market, and designers, manufacturers, and all those involved in trade should be cautious in their actions.

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